Past Events

11th Dynamic Positioning Asia Conference & Exhibition 2023

Partnered with the Marine Technology Society (MTS) Dynamic Positioning Committee and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) the 12th DP Asia will be a two-day event and will incorporate DP Workshops planned and executed by industry technical and operational experts from the MTS DP Committee and IMCA.

MBF Asia – Marine Electrification Seminar

Join us for the Maritime Battery Forum seminar on Marine Electrification in Singapore, our first event in Asia! Experts from different segments within the maritime industry will present the latest technological developments and today’s possibilities to decarbonize your fleet using batteries.

6th LNG & Clean Marine Fuel Forum 2022

Decarbonisation will be the common narrative for years to come. The 6th LNG & Clean Marine Fuel Forum 2022 and its concomitant theme of Sustainable Marine Fuels For The Future involves debates and discussions on whole range of technical and operational efficiency methods.

2nd Marine & Offshore Congress 2022

The 2nd Marine & Offshore Congress 2022 will revolve around the theme of ‘Navigating Maritime 4.0’, which will encapsulate and deliberate on all the various technological innovations breaking out in the maritime universe.

5th LNG & Clean Marine Fuel Forum

In recent years, environmental awareness has been on the rise, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been attracting attention worldwide, as a clean energy source. Demand for it is expected to increase in the future

9th Dynamic Positioning Asia Conference & Exhibition

The Dynamic Positioning Asia 2019, for the 9th year running, will bring together DP Supported by:
experts, new technologies, a supporting exhibition and networking opportunities for the
region’s DP sector.

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