What To Expect From the 12th Dynamic Positioning Asia Conference and Exhibition

The upcoming 12th Dynamic Positioning Asia Conference and Exhibition is set to make waves in the maritime industry, starting from the epicenter of sunny Singapore. From 12th to 13th June 2024, join us at M Hotel Singapore for two days filled with fruitful discussions, insightful presentations, and a plethora of networking opportunities. For more information, click here.

Pictured: Attendees at the 11th Dynamic Positioning Asia Conference and Exhibition 2023

Our esteemed guests hail from all over the world and from every corner of the maritime industry. They will provide expert opinions and in-depth knowledge on a variety of dynamic positioning topics. Meet our speakers below.

Session 1

Session 1 focuses on the opening addresses of the event, followed by presentations on Training and Certification for the offshore DP sector, as well as the role that sustainable fuels play in the industry’s pursuit of maritime decarbonization.

Chaired by: Mr. Joey Fisher – Managing Director, M3 Marine Expertise; 12th DP Asia Conference Chairman

As a member of the IMCA Marine DP Committee and the MTS DP Sub Committee for Guidance and Standards, as well as the Chairman of the DP Asia Technical Committee, Joey will deliver the Chairman’s Opening Remarks.

Mr. Jonathan Boyle – Head of Marine Service, Brunei Shell Petroleum

In his current position, Jonathan is responsible for the contracting and assurance of over 80 offshore support vessels, including over 20 DP2 accommodation and offshore support vessels. Jonathan will deliver the Keynote Address for the event.

Capt. Qasim Masood – Head of Qualifications, Marine & Offshore, The Nautical Institute

Capt. Masood is responsible for Dynamic Position Certification and Training Centre accreditation. He will share information about the recent developments in Training and Certification for the Offshore Dynamic Positioning sector.

Mr. Sanjay Verma – Director, Decarbonisation Solutions, Marine, Wärtsilä Singapore Pte Ltd

Sanjay currently focuses on Market Innovation, namely developing sustainable shipping solutions, with a keen emphasis on energy efficiency solutions and sustainable fuels. He will discuss how sustainable fuels impact the maritime industry’s journey in decarbonization

Session 2

Session 2 revolves around innovative dynamic positioning tools that can help to drive the industry forward.

Chaired by: Capt. Andrew Wood, DP & Marine Assurance Lead, Noble Denton Marine Services

Capt. Wood first went to sea in 1978, and currently works at DNV-GL Noble Denton Singapore, managing their Dynamic Positioning consultancy services in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mr. Glen Hope – Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO), Australian Offshore Solutions (AOS)

Glen handles the Australian Offshore Solutions agency’s offshore projects in DP Fall Pipe Rock Dumping, De-commissioning and Heavy Lift aboard the McDermott’s vessel, the DLV2000. He will explore the use of Activity Specific Operating Guidelines (ASOG) as an effective decision support tool in dynamic positioning.

Mr. Sandeep Banger – Manager, Electrical and DP, IMCA Accredited Company DP Authority, Tidewater Offshore Operations Pte Ltd

Sandeep is responsible for managing Electrical and DP, and holds Global Company Authority for Tidewater Inc. His presentation will touch on the perspectives and learnings of DP operators on Enhanced Ship Follow Mode and Quick Response Follow Target Mode.

Mr. Stian Jægtvik – Senior Sales Manager Digital Solutions, Kongsberg Maritime

Stian is the Sales Manager for Digital Solutions in Kongsberg Maritime, with vast experiences in delivering digital solutions to Offshore and LNG ship owners. He will discuss digital decision support tools in the dynamic positioning field.

Mr. Ed Bourgeau – Chief Engineer, AKA Energy Systems

Ed has been an independent senior consultant for large scale marine and green power innovations since 2021. He will introduce tools to drive consistency and standardisation with a focus on human performance in dynamic positioning.

Session 3

Session 3 involves a workshop session led by the Marine Technology Society Dynamic Positioning Committee.

Chaired by: Mr. Suman Muddusetti – Chairman of the MTS DP Committee and the MTS DP Sub-Committee On Guidance and Standards

Suman has been with Shell since 2003 and currently serves in the role of Principal Marine Operations Engineer and is accountable for supporting the various Shell Business lines in management of DP Station keeping risk, Integrated Risk Management and management of Shell’s Diving Center of Excellence. He will lead the MTS Workshop Sessions on Decision Support Tools and Human Performance.

The day will conclude with networking cocktails, where attendees of the event can mingle and connect with other industry professionals.

Session 4

This session will focus mainly on speakers from the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), who will provide updates on various aspects of DP.

Chaired by: Mr. Aleks Karlsen – Senior Principal Specialist, Dynamic Positioning Systems, DNV

Aleks is a highly experienced Senior Principal Specialist for Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems at DNV, with over two decades of experience in the marine and offshore industry.

Ms. Jennifer Evans – Technical Adviser – Marine, IMCA

Jennifer has been a freelancer for marine engineering clients for the last eight years working on DP, marine warranty surveying, cargo operations and vessel surveys. She will report on DP updates and events from IMCA.

Mr. Joey Fisher – Managing Director, M3 Marine Expertise; 12th DP Asia Conference Chairman

As part of the IMCA Marine DP Committee, Joey will deliver a presentation on IMCA M190 and the categorization of related findings.

Mr. Richard Purser – Technical Adviser – IMCA

With more than 25 years of experience in the dynamic position industry, Richard will provide an update on IMO strategies regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.

Session 5

This session will dive into a multitude of topics including effective data-driven verification and validation, supplementing validation programs, and a comprehensive look at reference systems.

Chaired by: Capt. Ravinder Yadav – Marine Technical Adviser – Upstream Logistics – ExxonMobil

Capt. Yadav is a highly experienced Master Mariner with over two decades of experience in the Maritime and Offshore Oil & Gas industry. He currently works as Marine Technical Advisor at ExxonMobil, ensuring the availability of safe, reliable, and fit for purpose vessels to support ExxonMobil’s Upstream Oil & Gas Business in Nigeria.

Mr. Aleks Karlsen – Senior Principal Specialist, Dynamic Positioning Systems, DNV

Aleks has written several papers on DP systems, and has presented his research at national and international conferences. His presentation will focus on the data driven verification of dynamic positioning systems.

Mr. Bolshoy Bhattacharya – Marine Risk Service Manager, Asset Assurance (OI UK), Energy Systems, DNV

Bolshoy is a Shell competence assessed DP SME with his areas of expertise including FMEA, DP trials and DP Assurance. He will discuss model-based testing, as well as the role it plays in effective verification and validation from an RP 0591 perspective.

Mr. Henrique Henriques – Electrical Engineer, One Step Power

Henrique has represented OneStep Power on various projects, and serves as one of the primary points of contact for clients, ensuring effective communication and collaboration. He will analyse how high quality power monitoring can be used to supplement validation programs for DP systems.

Mr. Jan Nilsen – Senior Sales Manager / Technical Advisor, Kongsberg Discovery AS SeaTex

Jan has spent fifteen years as the Technical Advisor/Sales manager for Position Reference products based on GNSS, Microwave and Laser. His presentation will delve into the challenges, concerns and solutions associated with reference systems.

Session 6

This will be a Workshop Session conducted by the MTS DP Committee in conjunction with DNV, addressing novel approaches to address new challenges in DP and single fault tolerance.

Dr. Steven Cargill – DPTA – Vice President, Marine Operations and Dynamic Positioning Services, Energy Systems, DNV

Steven became Technical Authority for DP in what eventually became Noble Denton Marine Services in 2007, and is now a Vice President within DNV Energy Systems.  

Mr. Bolshoy Bhattacharya – Marine Risk Service Manager, Asset Assurance (OI UK), Energy Systems, DNV

Bolshoy currently holds the roles of Marine Risk Service Manager and AI Task Force PM within DNV.

Mr. Aleks Karlsen – Senior Principal Specialist, Dynamic Positioning Systems, DNV

Aleks has been with DNV since 1999 and is responsible for developing and updating DNV rules and other internal and external standards related to DP.

Suman Muddusetti – Chairman of the MTS DP Committee and the MTS DP Sub-Committee on Guidance and Standards

Suman often introduces himself as a ‘student of DP’ and serves as a member of the MTS DP Technical Committee and as the Chair of the MTS DP Sub Committee on Guidance and Standards. 

The conference will close with the Chairman’s Concluding Remarks delivered by the Managing Director of M3 Marine Expertise and 12th DP Asia Conference Chairman, Joey Fisher. 

Excited for the event? Join us for this pivotal moment in maritime innovation by contacting ruth@mediacomz.com for registration.

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