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 Established in 1974, we grew from humble beginnings to publishing Asia/Pacific’s first and most established magazine for the Marine & Offshore Professionals.

Expanding and using our global network, approach high professionals with new innovations for paid articles & podcasts, speakers.

MediaComz International Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based publishing and events management company. In their stable of publications are Petromin Marine & Offshore and Petromin Fuel & Power (previously Hydrocarbon Asia).

The associated conferences have historically been trailblazers in the region, more often than not being the first to cover sectors, such as Dynamic Positioning and LNG as fuel, with application in Asia as the anchor.

Upcoming Events

Partnered with the Marine Technology Society (MTS) Dynamic Positioning Committee and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) the 12th DP Asia will be a two-day event
Join us as we deliberate on the various alternative fuel options available, each with its own advantages and challenges.
This event unites professionals from the industry, as well as marine and offshore experts, including academics and knowledgeable individuals, for an engaging day of sharing insights
To be Updated Soon
Petromin catapulted to the forefront of Asia's maritime discourse since 1974.
Over 13 years of experience organising and supporting marine & offshore events.
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The most established magazine for professionals in the maritime and offshore industries.
Conferences associated with the association have been trailblazers historically, covering sectors such as Dynamic Positioning and LNG as fuel with an Asian focus.

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